Huanchaco was a fishing village, the scene of the cultures that have been developed on the North Coast of Peru, such as Moche and Chimu. In the colonial era was the second most important port in our country and today is a very popular resort and visited by people who surf, but mostly keeps its beauty and its heritage and history holds through its Culture Live, all depicted in the daily tasks performed by our fishermen in a boat-man huanchaquero language called Tup or Seahorse Muchik Totora named by the Spanish in the way of sitting on the raft, being one of the first signs of Huanchaco the age of which was found in Pampa Gramalote Huanchaquito with an antiquity of 2000 BC.​

Tourist Attractions

Sanctuary of the Virgen del Socorro

Built in the XVI century on a call Huaca TASCA, inside which keeps the beautiful image of Our Lady of Mercy, is the First Lady arrived in America, which is why this church is considered the first Marian Vocation. It also highlights the presence of Huanchaco Cemetery, a place that replaced the function of burial that meeting came the churches at that time.

Municipal Library (Ex Municipal School)

It was the first public school Huanchaco and the first place to huanchaquero indoctrination taught them to Catholicism. And the early twentieth century this building was donated by Don Víctor Larco Herrera whose construction was able to accept the students of that era. Currently serves as the Municipal Library, space in which photographs are valuable Huanchaco.

Protected Natural Area Totorales Huanchaco

It is located just minutes from the dock, here takes place the process of TOTOTRA cultivation, harvesting and drying time. This raw material is used for the manufacture of reed boats, boat formerly known as TUP Muchik language and which has continued through our fishermen huanchaquero from one generation to the traditional way.

Huanchaco historic waterfront

Building is a late nineteenth century, the second spring of importance in the sugar boom PERU where large ships embarked with great loads of sugar and cotton plantations from Chicama Valley.
It is a small tavern spring long and shallow, built in the late nineteenth century by Joseph M. agency Saa & Co.. and subsequently acquired in 1902 by Don Victor Larco Herrera, large ships were dispatched in huge loads of sugar and cotton from the large haciendas of the valley (Chiquitoy, Chiclín and Rome), who arrived by train, so much so that by the end of 1917 , was the second national port, after the pebble. the importance of Huanchaco was such that famous shipping companies included in this port on your itinerary ..

Church of Huanchaco

The church of Huanchaco is the second oldest in Peru. In it lies the image of the Virgen de la Candelaria with your child, requested by the Franciscan missionary Fray Alonso de Escarcena, Charles V, marking a tradition for over 300 years. It is located in the top of the spa, since it is an excellent view of the entire site.

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