About Us

In 2000, Polo, Marcelo Rosi and our son, we decided to anchor in this warm fishing village as an excellent alternative of life, for which we had in Lima was very cramped and polluted.

We started this family business with a Restaurant, named Restaurant Huankarute.

Over time we began to rent rooms to the guests who were with us the warmth and nostalgia of their homes.

It was so little by little restaurant became Lodging & Restaurant Huankarute improving our infrastructure for it and increasing our rooms to serve our audience. And the family also increased with the birth of our daughter Michelle.

Attended public response was very positive, so that this year we recommended by Lonely Planet 2004, which for us was a big surprise. This indicates that we believe we are doing things right, so we decided to concentrate on the guests and is now Huankarute Hotel, where we focus exclusively to serving guests with all the services we have, and every year we try to be improving.

Then a bit of heaven made us compañía Miranda Filling our lives completely.

Today, our philosophy is to make guests feel at home, but without the obligations that entails.

Thus, the Hostal Huankarute will receive you with open doors to those willing to spend some days in this home.

Our staff is with us every day in caring for guests, are the only commitment that motivates them to work in the Huankarute: The main reason: their welfare.

Today, we have the best rooms available Suites Huanchaco



Av. La Rivera Nº 312
Huanchaco - Trujillo

Teléfono : (51 44) 461705
RPM: : # 964845493